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Some scientist came across a mysterious capsule. Upon opening it the Miasma was released, infecting them and their ship. You control this infected ship as it rampages through waves of enemies.

Gameplay consists of moving back and forth and shooting. You also have the ability to launch a miasma capsule. If this capsule lands what would be a killing blow on a ship it will instead become infected, fighting enemy ships for you for a short time. Every non boss ship can be infected but some may need to be weakened a bit first.
The game has 17 different enemy ships to fight all with their own patterns you need to learn. These ships are spread across 5 different stages each with 10 waves of ships, and a boss at the end. After defeating a boss you will be able to pick an upgrade.

The default controls for keyboard are SPACEBAR to shoot and LeftShift to launch miasma capsule.
The default controls for  a gamepad are A to shoot and X to launch miasma capsule.
These controls can be changed in the settings.

This game was made with MonoGame
Source Code:

Install instructions

Unzip the file then run Miasma.exe.


Miasma.zip 13 MB

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